Our Background and Story

Shore Care was created primarily after noticing the limits of day support programs being offered by larger companies.

We also noticed that families/guardians were finding it difficult to find companies that would take clients with only a few hours support each week.

We at Shore Care pride ourselves in offering day support programs, featuring capacity building and achievable independence, for clients with semi-complex and complex needs. There is also a big gap with clients getting assistance on the west coast of Tasmania.

Shore Care was established 6 years ago and was originally run out of the family home. For the last 3 years our office has been based in Ulverstone. The office is our local meeting place and there is also an activity Hub, which runs daily programs for all our participants.

Both Veronica and Jenny have had extensive training as well as experiencing caring for a loved one on a personal level. They understand how daunting the NDIS can be.

Why us?

Shore Care strives to provide quality care to all clients and their families.

The staff are provided with the latest training tools around the support that they provide. We offer an innovative Day support program that changes monthly and will tailor these programs to help with clients development.


Meet our Managers



I previously worked in retail management for 14 years before deciding I needed a career change.I chose to enter the disability sector and worked with behavioral clients for 11 years and continuing.



I previously worked in teaching for 11 years before looking for a career change. I chose to return to university and study Social work now work with Shore Care to provide quality care to all our clients.


I previously worked as a support worker for 11 years. After an opportunity to further my knowledge i started working with Shore Care and have come on board as the Roster Manager. I am loving my work and look forward to continuing on for many years to come.

Disability care in a climate of change.

Our mission statement was created to show that we are an innovative company that embraces all changes in the disability sector. We are invested not only in our clients but also with their families as well.

We use the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” and have adapted this to our services to help with your loved ones concerns, just call or email us for more information on advocacy.

Shore Care have a comprehensive list of your professional service providers to help with you needs including speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists.

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